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Wounded SR20DEs cars and Crash Stories
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Sentra SE-R
  2002 Sentra SE-R Features & Specs
  2002 Sentra SE-R History
  2002 Sentra SE-R Overview
  91-94 Sentra SE-R Features & Specs
  SE-R Secrets from GRM
  Sport Compact Car
Project Sentra SE-R
bullet_green.gif (889 bytes)  December '97
bullet_green.gif (889 bytes)  October '98
Miscellaneous Articles
bullet_green.gif (889 bytes)  November '97 - Bloodlines
  Turbo Magazine
Project Sentra SE-R
bullet_green.gif (889 bytes)  May '95- SE-Rious Sleeper
bullet_green.gif (889 bytes)  July '95- SE-Rious Sentra Part II
bullet_green.gif (889 bytes)  November '95- SE-Rious Sentra Part III
bullet_green.gif (889 bytes)  January '96- SE-Rious Sentra Part IV
bullet_green.gif (889 bytes)  October '96- SE-Rious Sentra Part V
bullet_green.gif (889 bytes)  March '97- Project Serious Sentra
bullet_green.gif (889 bytes)  October '97- Freshening The SR20DE-T
Miscellaneous Articles
bullet_green.gif (889 bytes)  July '93- More SE-Rious Sentra
bullet_green.gif (889 bytes)  May '93- SE-Rious Performer
bullet_green.gif (889 bytes)  September '96- FET's Super Compact MSX
bullet_green.gif (889 bytes)  October '97- Black Magic

200SX SE-R
  Changes in the 200SX SE-R since '95
  '95-'97 200SX SE-R Features & Specs
  '98 200SX SE-R Features & Specs
  Edmund's Review of the 97 200SX SE-R
  Stillen 200SX SE-R (Motor Trend Article July, 1996)
  Sport Compact Car
Project 200SX SE-R
bullet_green.gif (889 bytes)  June '97
bullet_green.gif (889 bytes)  July '97
bullet_green.gif (889 bytes)  August '97
bullet_green.gif (889 bytes)  November '97
bullet_green.gif (889 bytes)  December '97
bullet_green.gif (889 bytes)  January '98
bullet_green.gif (889 bytes)  February '98
bullet_green.gif (889 bytes)  April '98
bullet_green.gif (889 bytes)  June '98
bullet_green.gif (889 bytes)  July '98
bullet_green.gif (889 bytes)  November '98
bullet_green.gif (889 bytes)  November '98
Miscellaneous Articles
bullet_green.gif (889 bytes)  October '96
bullet_green.gif (889 bytes)  February '99

  NX2000 Features & Specs
  Turbo Magazine
Miscellaneous Articles
bullet_green.gif (889 bytes)  August '98- Turbo NX2000

Sentra SE
  98-99 Sentra SE Features & Specs
  2000+ Sentra SE Features & Specs

Infiniti G20
  99 Infiniti G20 Features & Specs
  Sport Compact Car
bullet_green.gif (889 bytes)  October '98- Multilink & the Beam
Miscellaneous Articles
bullet_green.gif (889 bytes)  October '98- Driving Impression

Non-US SR20DEs
  '95 Nissan 2000 GSR Features & Specs.
  The Australian 200SX
  The Sunny GTI-R
  The Pulsar SSS
  Almera 2.0 GTi

Common Problems
Sentra SE-R - NX2000 91-94 TSBs
Routine Maintenance

Keeping It Clean
Washing the Car

Ultimate SE-R Engine Detailing
SE-R Drag Racing Tips
Front Wheel Drive Launching Tips
Dyno Charts

More SE-R Dyno Runs
DPR Dyno Day 1999 Dyno Results
Project Cars
Searl Tate
Matt DeHaven
SR20DE vs SR20DET - The Differences
Info on Other SR Engines

Different Areas of the Cars

Body & Trim
Changing Door Hinges
Nismo B13 Airdam
Effective Rear Wing
NX Headliner R & R

Brake System
Brake Performance Tips
Bleeding the Brakes
Nismo B13 Brake Upgrade
Pictures of Shell's B13 brakes
B13 Upgrade Alternative
Brake Upgrade Tips
Cross-Drilled & Slotted Rotors
Breaking in Brake Pads
All About Brake Fluid
All About ABS
Adjusting Brake Pedal Freeplay
Calculating Rotor Runout
About Hawk Pads

Electrical System
Brighter Lights
Installing Air Horns
Installing Cruise Control in a Sentra SE-R
Fog Light Mod
Wiring Relays into your Headlight Circuit
Variable Intermittent Wiper Conversion
One Wiper Conversion
White Face Gauge Install
200SX Rear Speaker Access
Changing Instrument Cluster Lightbulb
Removing the Governor on the 200SX
Top Speed, Speedo & Tach Accuracy & Power
Programming the Alarm Remote on the 200SX

Engine Performance Tuning Tips
Intakes / POP Chargers / CAIs
bullet_green.gif (889 bytes)  Intake Installation
bullet_green.gif (889 bytes)  Cool Air Intake
bullet_green.gif (889 bytes)  Homemade Cool Air Intake
Installing an SR20DET
JWT Cams
JWT Cams & Timing Chain Install Pics
Magnecor Ignition Wires
Polishing the Valve Cover
Remote Oil Filter
Stillen Fuel Pressure Riser
The Wayne Cox HP Trick
Unorthodox Racing Pulleys
Unorthodox Racing Pulleys Stage 2
Changing the Oil
Synthetic or Dino Oil?
Changing the Fuel Filter
Changing the Belts
Cleaning the Throttle Body
Cold Idle Fix
Idle Speed Adjustment
MAF Sensor Grounding
JWT Motor Mounts
Power Steering Fluid Cooler Installation
Replacing Power Steering Fluid
Tuneup and Troubleshooting Guide
bullet_green.gif (889 bytes) Background Info
bullet_green.gif (889 bytes) Tuneup Checklist
About Ignition Timing
About Airflow Sensors
About Idle Air Control Valves
ECU Trouble Codes
Engine Block Preparation Guidelines
Fuel Injectors
Gasoline FAQ
Missing Oil Syndrome
Platinum vs Copper NGK spark plugs
Spark Plugs and Ignition Systems
Specialty Spark Plugs
The Limit of Bolt-Ons
TPS Voltage Adjustment

Headers & Exhaust Systems
Different Exhaust systems available
General Info on SR20DE exhaust systems
Stromung B-Pipe
Random Technology Catalytic Converter
Nismo/Borla Exhaust (compared to Stillen)
Courtesy Nissan Exhaust
S&S 4-into-1 Header
Mandrel & Crush Bends
Header Install Notes
PAIR Valve

Heating and Air Conditioning
A/C Blower Switch Replacement
Changing the Coolant
Converting an R12 A/C System to use R134A
Courtesy Nissan Silicon Radiator Hoses
A/C fuse tip

Suspension Tuning Tips
Camber Plates
Strut Tower Braces
ST Sway Bar Install Notes
Energy Suspension Bushings
About Alignments
Ball Joint Separator
Control Arm Pictures
How Sway Bars Work
Zak Nilsson and Eibach Springs
Slotting the Struts
Shock tech

Tire & Wheels
Tire Wheel Sizes
Tire Impressions
Submission Form

Transaxle & Clutch
Drivetrain Performance Tips
Adjusting the Clutch
Automatic Transmission / LSD Information
Clutch Cable Replacement
To Clutch or not to Clutch
Comments about clutch installation
Lightweight Flywheels
Changing a CV Boot
Redline Synthetic Transmission Oil
Removing Shifter Rattles
Short Shifter Installation
Pacesetter vs. Stillen Short Shifter
JWT Pressure Plate & Stillen Flywheel
Speedo Cable Replacement

The Mall

Aftermarket Vendors & Services
Vendor Addition Form
Nissan and Infiniti Parts Wholesale to the Public
List of Common Parts and Accessories / logo items
Nissan Dealer Service Experiences
U.S.: Arizona - Montana
U.S.: North Carolina - Wisconsin
International Nissan Dealer Service Experiences
Nissan Dealer Service Experiences Form


Nissan Original Equipement
Wheels & Tires
Performance Equipment
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