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All of the logo designs were done by Michael Sasaki, a fellow SE-R mailing list member.

Mvc-002.jpg (6005 bytes)serplate2_small.jpg (16348 bytes) License Plate frames

$4.00 each, plus shipping.

That works out to $6.50 for one ($4.00 + $2.50 S&H), or $11.00 for two ($4.00 + $4.00 + $3 S&H). The envelopes I can get for a reasonable price hold two frames. If you know of an envelope that is padded, will hold more than two frames, and costs about $1, let me know!

To get one (or however many) send a check with the correct amount to:

SE-R Frame
Kurt Sussman
929 Villa Ave
San Jose, CA 95126

- The checks MUST have an email address in the memo section.
- He will only ship to the address on the check, by USPS.
- If there are issues with the check or the email address, I will post a discrete message to the list, then an embarrassing one if I get no response. Logo T-shirts and Caps

Courtesy Nissan is selling T-shirts and Hats with the logo *embroidered* on them.

Logo Shirts are selling for about $11.95 (M, Large, and XL) - Black, Red, Dark Blue, or Off-white.

Logo Hats are going for about $8.95 - Cap is Off-white, Bill is - Forest Green, Royal Blue, Red, or Black.

Give Steve, Vince, or Tim a call at 800-527-1909.

tshirt_back_small.gif (1289 bytes) Logo T-shirts

Hiroto Yamanaka is selling this T-shirt (the back of the shirt is pictured).

It is selling for $12 (M, Large, and XL) and $13.50 for XXL. Shirts will be shipped via USPS (shipping cost is not included in the price).