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Getting Started

Hi! and Welcome to This page is for someone who is new to and / or just got a new SR20DE powered vehicle.

The site is basically broken down into 3 main topics: General Info, Car Info, and the Mall. We also have links to this page and the Classifieds from the main page.

  • General Info has car related or related info, but not car-specific topics.
  • Car Info has car-specific topics ranging from general info on each model to Dyno charts and Performance Tuning Tips.
  • The Mall has all the info to help you spend your money. It has Aftermarket dealers, Nissan Dealers, Common Parts and more. Just remember it's the place you go when you are going to end up spending money.

If on the off chance you didn't find something, check the Search Engine (Picture of a magnifying glass). It's located at the top of every page along with a link to the main page (Picture of a house) and the site index (The "i" at the top).

You probably have questions about your car and are looking for some answers.  We suggest that you Search and the SE-R FAQ.   We also have information About the various SR20DE powered Cars that are covered here at

If you have just bought or are buying a SR20DE powered vehicle, we have a Break-In FAQ and a Gasoline FAQ along with some of the common Problems & Fixes for some of the SR20DE vehicles.

Also while your reading through, you'll probably get lost with some of the car related Abbreviations, so we compiled a list of common ones.

After you get your car, you should check out the SE-R Mailing List which has over 700 members. It's a great way to learn more about your car from the comfort of your office, dorm, or house. Join today!

The 10 answers to the questions you don't wanna ask on the SE-R mailing list.

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1. CAI intakes work.

2. Greddy, Borla and Edlebrock mufflers are quiet and flow ok. Dynomax SuperTurbos are cheap.  Ultraflos and sebrings are loud, but flow well.

3. Ignitions don't produce much on SE-Rs, besides possibly a smoother engine.

4. Prolong, Duralube, Slick50, etc. don't work.

5. Don't use injector cleaner on SR20DEs.

6. Tornados don't work.

7. Nissan recommends 5w30 weight oil in 91-94 SR20DEs. Regular Oil is good, Synthetic oil is better. If you don't hear what your car sounds like at 7000rpm, at least once a week, you don't need synthetic oil.

8. Arguably, headers give you the most gain of any bolt on modification. Hotshot headers are good, Stillen headers are good. Hotshot headers do tend to make a rattle noise at 4000rpm.

9. The *HIGH* port head is the 91-93, the *LOW* port head is the 94+... actual cutoff date is unknown. If your throttle body is up high, you have a *LOW* port head, if your throttle body is lower and close to the firewall, you have a *HIGH* port head.

10. Have you checked