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DPR Dyno Day 1999

Co-sponsored By: Weld Racing, Mothers, 76 Fuel, Redline Oil, and MSD

mvc-005s.jpg (40388 bytes) is pleased to announce that DPR Dyno Day 1999 was a huge success! There were over 40 SR20DE-powered vehicles, most of which had a chance to get dyno'd for a donation of only $15 (if the person could afford it).

People who showed up were treated to donuts and coffee for breakfast, while soda and pizza (and plenty of it!) were provided for lunch. Throughout the day, the knowledgeable DPR staff provided tours of the facilities, showing the shop where they do their headwork and answering various questions.

Of course, besides seeing the facilities, people wanted to see some dyno numbers! The DPR staff was able to get about 3 cars on the dyno per hour, and everyone who wanted to get dyno'd was able to. It was quite a blast hearing so many SR20DE's in all stages of modification screaming at 7500 rpm in a garage! There were also a few GA16DE owners that were able to get on the dyno, as well.

At the end of the day, there was a raffle in which DPR gave away over $1600 in headwork gift certificates, as well as gift certificates for race gas and Mothers products!

All in all, it was a terrific event. Everyone had a great time, and really appreciates the support that DPR and it's co-sponsors have provided. If you missed it this time, be sure to make the next one!

mvc-006s_small.jpg (7922 bytes) Searl Tate, Emond Ling, and Mike Mager admire Searl's Beast
mvc-001s_small.jpg (6824 bytes) Mike Mager's 200SX SE-R on the dyno.
mvc-009s_small.jpg (7880 bytes) Mike's SE-R leaving the dyno. Results: 245 hp / 245 ft-lbs at the wheels at 10psi!
mvc-007s_small.jpg (6271 bytes) People anxiously awaiting another car to get on the dyno.
mvc-008s_small.jpg (7210 bytes) As you can see, the parking lot was filled.
mvc-010s_small.jpg (5757 bytes) As a matter of fact, by the time Dan got there around 8 am...
mvc-011s_small.jpg (7579 bytes) ...there were already 30+ cars!
mvc-012s_small.jpg (6280 bytes) Searl Tate leaves to make sure his Beast was in perfect running condition. Dyno results: 317 hp / 320 ft-lbs at the wheels at 15 psi with race gas!
mvc-013s_small.jpg (6819 bytes) Zak Nilsson scurries across the scene as some folks sought out shade under the tent.
mvc-014s_small.jpg (8273 bytes) Rob Cadle helping out with installing a CAI on Ken Nord's car.
mvc-015s_small.jpg (7847 bytes) Zak Nilsson, Rich Ying, and an unidentified person observing an unidentified Sentra SE-R on the dyno.
mvc-016s_small.jpg (8259 bytes) How many boxes of pizza does it take to satisfy 50 SE-Riously hungry people? About 20!
mvc-017s_small.jpg (7474 bytes) At the end of the day, DPR cowboy Al Vásquez gathered everyone around for the raffle.
mvc-020s_small.jpg (7578 bytes) Don Dale accepting one of the two prizes he won.
mvc-021s_small.jpg (7270 bytes) Here's Tom Paule (in the black cap) giving a menacing stare to Chris Pinthong (not pictured). Chris won 3 gift certificates for DPR headwork. You see, buying 25 raffle tickets pays off! Chris sure is lucky he didn't win a 4th!
mvc-022s_small.jpg (8211 bytes) A group shot of a bunch of SE-Riously happy and satisfied people.
mvc-023s_small.jpg (7880 bytes) And of course, a round of applause was due for Mr. Paramore and DPR Racing.
mike1_small.jpg (5722 bytes) Mike K doing a burnout
mike2_small.jpg (5643 bytes) Mike K doing a burnout
rob1_small.jpg (6374 bytes) Rob Cadle doing a burnout
rob2_small.jpg (6008 bytes) Rob Cadle doing a burnout

If you have pictures from DPR Dyno Day 1999 that you'd like posted here, send them to Mike Mager.

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