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SR20DET Pictures

Click on the picture on the left to see a larger version of it.

4throtlestext_small.jpg (9981 bytes) Above engine shot with text pointing out location of four individual throttlebodies
4whltranny_small.jpg (9210 bytes) This was attached to the SR20DET when delivered - notice the extra shafts, came off a 4 wheel drive nissan - not to be found in America!
blowofftext_small.jpg (6950 bytes) Not a great shot but shows the blowoff valve with text to give you a better idea of what you are looking at
clutchtext_small.jpg (6376 bytes) Side by side SR20DET clutch guts next to SR20DE
coolertop_small.jpg (9060 bytes) SR20DET engine with intercooler sitting on top of block
dwnpipetext_small.jpg (8365 bytes) From beneath the car a shot of bottom of Garrett T-28 and the Downpipe Jeff made (flange for a 454!)
holdthis_small.jpg (8766 bytes) What are friends for? Tim holds exhaust while Jeff welds
intercoler3_small.jpg (8076 bytes) SR20DET installed - hey guys, how are you going to close the hood?
jeffntimtext_small.jpg (8840 bytes) Meet the SR20DET Madmen - Jeff Naeyaert and Tim Boles
madmen1_small.jpg (9243 bytes) Tim with that Mad-Scientist look!
oiltext_small.jpg (8480 bytes) Hey what is that Oil Filter doing on the bottom of the engine? there is also a Oil Cooler w/ the SR20DET.  It's the shiny cylinder that you can hardly see to the left of the filter.
turboexhaust_small.jpg (4538 bytes) The welding handi-work of Jeff Naeyaert, his own creation