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1997 Great Lakes SE-R Bash

By Larry MacLeod

HERE IT IS!!!!! You poor saps who missed the BASH... I expect to see you next year. Maybe we'll go a little further south and try to include you Georgia guys, or D.C. people.

NWOR posted results from the AutoCross we took over...

Please disregard that "Larry Macleod" in the DS results. The REAL Larry Macleod didn't race that day.....

click for larger photo...

ser_row1.jpg (2944 bytes) Here is what the Hotel parking lot looked like Sunday morning. That bus in the edge of the photo was from a Church Choir group that shared the Hotel with our wacky group.

200s1.jpg (3289 bytes) This is me (Larry) lined up in front of Tim Prand's car (not sure if Tim was driving).

red2001.jpg (3157 bytes) This looks like John Cozine in his red 200SX SE-R rounding the last corner on the course.

robse-r1.jpg (3598 bytes) Rob Cadle running around the cones, and not his usual through them.

timse-r1.jpg (3499 bytes) Tim Prand's alternate driver (I don't know his name) pushing it through a corner.

new-old1.jpg (3675 bytes) That's George Perinis in the Silver '96, and Gary Kelly in the Red Classic.

waynenx1.jpg (3733 bytes) Wayne Cox plowing over a few pylons.

95ds1.jpg (2964 bytes) George Perinis going through the lane changes.

car21.jpg (3162 bytes) That's Gary Kelly grazing past a few pylons.

mark1.jpg (2834 bytes) Mark Schoenholz going as fast as the silver stripe on his car...

car31.jpg (4984 bytes) On the left is George Perinis, the right is Mark Schoenholz, and Matt Niaura's NX behind them. Wait a minute!!! That's me in the background drinking my Mountain DEW!!

tuning1.jpg (5105 bytes) And Rob Cadle in front of Larry Weeks and Pat Griffith looking at Pat's car, with George Perinis, George's girlfriend Tracy, and John Cozine towards the right rear. That may be Steve Attwood on the left.

timing1.jpg (4210 bytes) And this is another car getting its timing done (one of about a dozen). That's Steve Theil and Gary Kelly (Gary's car)

sr20s1.jpg (4128 bytes) From front to back, Steve Thiel, Igor Kofman, Larry Weeks, Bob Liu, Ron Chong and Rob Cadle head to Don Pablo's after the Bash for Mexican food, margaritas and LaBatt Blue.

lotsa1.jpg (3374 bytes) A whole bunch of CSPers ready to take to the course.

egg1.jpg (4241 bytes) This looks like one of the brothers in the FAST-EGG car.

white1.jpg (4527 bytes) Tom Moxey in his beautiful Classic.

red1.jpg (3700 bytes) Pat Griffith going fast.

weeks1.jpg (5792 bytes) And Larry Weeks was doing his brakes all weekend in a car that later faced carnage...

wayne.jpg (4421 bytes) And I just had to put this pic of Wayne Cox up. Thanks Pat for the photo.

group1.jpg (9851 bytes) (From left-right) Back row: Wayne Cox, Ron Chong, Dave Radabaugh, Pat Griffith, John Cozine, Steve Theil (tall), Bob Liu (short), John Mcginn, Steve Attwood, Larry Weeks, Rob Cadle, and Igor Kofman Front Row: Tim Prand, Mark Schoenholz, Tom Moxey, George Perinis, Shawn Gish, and (me) Larry Macleod Those not pictured:Greg Thupvong and his three legged G20, Andy Christensen, John Dodge, Matt Niaura and his brother, Gary Kelly, and Dave Malicky.