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What is the point of larger rims, beside asthetic?
Rob Microys (

Asthetics is part of it. Usually going to a 1+ rim/tire combo provides much better performance over the original setup. Primarily due to the tire. The 1+ tire is usually a low profile (50 series) tire. The tire compound will be much stickier, and the side walls stiffer. This will provide MUCH BETTER cornering power. Although the dimensions change in the 5-10% area, the biggest difference is going to a new tire compound.

epster (

An "advantage" I have seen is that torque steer is reduced w/ the larger wheels, at least on earlier classsic se-r . And, larger area of contact = greater coeff. of friction = better grip in turns and launches.

Robert Y. Liu (

Well, I don't know if bigger wheels are necessarily "better". The biggest advantage of larger wheels (dia. wise I'm assuming) is being able to use a lower profile tire while not affecting your drive ratios too much. The lower profile tire will allow for better handling, but at a sacrifice of ride comfort.

Lawrence Weeks (

Also, going to a larger wheel which is also wider, along with a lower profile tire which is wider, makes for greater stability and better handling in transitions, I do believe.

There are wheels that are two- and three- piece wheels. What are the virtures of these things. I got the impression (from a little elf) that they adjustable in some way. Width? Or maybe offset?
Searl Tate (

They are generally lighter. Stylistically, some people like the "bolted together" look. In my experiences, I have seen them to be considerably weaker than their cast brethren. I saw a set that were thrashed after the second day of use! The driver said he just a little bump around 30MPH or so. All four were severely distorted.

Daniel Paik (

I think that this is possible, because with a two piece wheel, the rim part is separate from the center part (the spokes). A three piece wheel has the center piece, and two rim halves. That's why most of the two and three piece wheels have those little rivets, to attach the center to the rim. I think also that they are easier to break, although they are lighter than one-piece wheels.

Christopher "Kit" Wetzler (

A two piece wheel is gonna be lighter than a one piece. (Not sure exactly why, but that's the way it is. :) A Three piece is supposedly lighter still. Advantages = smaller unsprung weight for your suspension to handle and lower rotational inertia of your wheels. This should mean a better ride and better acceleration, but not by much. Mostly, I think, they just look cool and say that you spend your life savings on a set of wheels. :)

Experience with large wheels on the Classics.
Kyle R. Gilliland (

I and Tom Paule I believe are the only two with 16x7.5" wheels on our cars. I wouldn't reccomend going with 7.5" on the width. 7" is the max I would use. The prob. with 7.5" in a 16" wheel is that you will have to roll the fenders or cut the them "trim the fenders". With a 7" wheel that has the "CORRECT" offset you shouldn't have to do anything. Also, a 205/45/16 is about as big as I think you would want to go. And this is all speaking of the "Classic" SE-R, 91-94'.

Where's the best place to get wheels/tires? I'm looking at Tire Rack (had good feedback on these guys), or Discount Tire Direct.
Fred Miceli (

Tire Rack is very recommended! I put BFG Comp T/A HR4's (stock size) on my stock rims...Can't help you out in the rim department (never felt like shelling the $$), but, bang for the buck, I think the Comp T/A's are at the top!

I wanna put 205s on 15 inch rims. I have a 92'...will they fit!? Does anyone have TSW rims or any 15 inch rims with a 205 tire on there car? DO they rub?????
Matt (

I have the 15" rims from a 200SX SE-R on my NX (still stock suspension) with 205/50/15" Bridgestone Potenza RE71's. Absolutely no rubbing and I have had my car on a race track and autocrossed with this set up with no problem. I've drive with three people in the car and no problems. If you stay with the stock offset you will have no problems whatsoever. I would almost recommend 195/50/15" just because they are a hell of alot cheaper than the 205's. I just lucked out in that I had connections and got the 205's for $114 a piece mounted and balanced. I think Tire Rack wants $140 just for the tire.

The lug nut covers on my stock wheels are beginning to fade and flake, revealing the yellow plastic underneath. Any solutions other than buying new covers?
See the comment on the Maintenance page of the FAQ.

Anyone know a source for steel rims for the SE-R?
David Shoenberger (

When I bought my SE-R in '92, I hunted for steel rims for snows. The Dealer wanted $95 each for steel! I called local and mail order places. Tire Rack sold me VW 14x6 wheels for $30 each. $30 each also included the machining to remove 1mm from the center hub to fit the SER. At the time it was by far the best deal that I could find for new steel rims (or used for that mater).

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