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I want to know if you guys can advise me on turbocharging my SE-R. I've already done everything that my naturally aspirated SR20DE can take, and my mechanic and I decided this is the next step. I know I need to get the manifold, pistons and cams from Nissan Motorsports? I need to have my ECU reprogrammed by Jim Wolfe. What kind of turbo should I use?
Searl Tate (

Get a T25 with OEM turbo manifold. ECU programming will be critical! Are you prepared to part from your car for about 4 weeks (or much longer)? You don't have to get the internals until you go for some really radical boost levels. JWT has successfully done a G20 with stock internals. This is the route I will eventually go.

Does anyone know of any turbo system schematics out there to be used as a reference point. My main concern seems to be where the three fittings for the header go on the manifold and downpipe. There isn't any on the manifold. Where would the pop cahrger/maf sensor be placed? How difficult would it be to do a front mount intercooler? Would there be a great deal of rerouting the vacuum lines, etc.
Kinjeo Yeung (

For a classic SE-R, there are three things need to hook up to the exhaust header. One is Oxygen sensor. The turbo downpipe from Nissan has a fitting for it. You need to buy a adapter from dealer to put thea stock O2 sensor on. I just ignored the EGR and air-tube. A turbo SE-R will never pass visual inspection anyway, so bother with EGR?

I relocated the battery to the trunk. The MAF and air filter is where the battery used to be. If you have POP Charger, you need to get a shorter K&N filter, because it is really tight around there. At least for a novice like me.

I don't think it is possible to put a front mount intercooler for my NX2000, unless I make a custom air dam. Not sure about SE-R. I put the intercooler where the intake resonator used to be. I bought the Trust intercoolers for a 300TT, used only one of them. BTW, I still have the other one, anyone want a new driver side Trust intercooler for a 300ZZ?

Vacuum lines are very easy to route, no need to worry about.

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