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About Torquemaster plugs...

Zak Nilsson (

I have Torquemaster plugs in my '93 NX2000, 53k miles; I didn't notice any increase in performance, nor did performance suffer. However, my idle did seem to smooth out a bit. They can't hurt - they may help.

Allen Chan (

I recently installed a set of Torquemaster spark plugs. The performance gains seem to be more than the POP charger and less than a high flow exhuast. So I guess 3 - 5 HP. I don't have a dyno, so the seat of the pants is the extent of the instrumenation.

I think this is the best bang for the buck mod you can do. The plugs cost $7.50 each or $30/set. If you assume 3 HP gain, then the bang for the buck is $10/HP. The ECU, if you assume list price, is $70/HP.

Torquemaster claims a 3-ish percent power gain, which translates to about 5-ish HP. Their phone number is: (310) 322-4125. They sell only through the factory, so you can't get these plugs anywhere else.

The power gain seems to be in the torque / low - mid RPM range. The car is noticably nicer in traffic and at red lights. I have never gone over 90 MPH in my SE-R so I can't really tell about its high end effect. Don't call me a wimp!

I also have a MSD multifire box, so my results might be better than a stock ignition setup. The engine has a nastier roar, which I interpret to be a faster fuel combustion rate. I can't tell about the any improved milage because my gas foot gets heavier with every additional engine mod. 8)

About Splitfire plugs...

Ronald S. Chong (

I think the general concensus on the list is that these aren't worth the dollars. In fact, several of us have had surging and hesitation problems with these plugs. I personally wouldn't use them again.

Randy L. Hunt (

I think my experience is similar to others on this newsgroup. The Splitfires suck! My car ran rough when I had them. Go with the stock plugs (NGK platinum), I tried the Bosch plugs last time, and they work fine too.

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