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Is there a good way to keep the seat clean in these cars? They're lint magnets!

Rendell Bird (

I was walking through Walmart the other day, and saw one of those tape-on-a-stick devices used for getting lint off of drapes and long skirts. I bought it immediately. Experimented with it. And it worked like a charm! I was most pleased. The closest thing to a problem is the fact that I have a tendancy to use an entire "refill" each time I clean my upholestry and those refills cost $2 a piece...big deal.

Has anyone installed Schroth safety restraints in a Classic?

Carson M. Hanrahan (

Yes, a Rallye-3. If you take out the back seat, you'll see a bolt almost directly aft of the front seats to which you can attach the tail of the harness.

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