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MISCELLANEOUS (Specific Questions)

I just bought the sunroof deflector for my 96 SE-R. I can't seem to be able to install it. Is there a special tool, or trick I need to know?
Ken Pratte (

Nope, no special tool, just technique. The way you do it is to just barely thread each of the two screws with the j-hook in. Then open the door and basically squish the bugger down and push the hook piece under. It's easier of course if you can flatten out the rubber piece a little by wiggling it back and forth. Once you get both sides in, you can tighten it some, but whatever you do, don't crank it all the way down, or you'll ruin the paint. After rubber starts to stay squished all the time is when you can tighten the screws all the way.

About installing mudflaps...
Ken Pratte (

They look good, work good and fit great. Dismount each wheel to install the mud flaps and it goes much easier. For the front you'll need just a #2 philips, but the back you need a drill to for a tiny pilot hole. Easy.

Larry Macleod (

Here's an alternative to removing the wheels when installing on a 200sx. The front ones are already drilled for the side pieces. For these just turn the wheels to screw in the screws, just common sense. But the backs are not drilled. Rather than removing the wheels and drilling a starter hole, I just used a scratch-awl to punch a starter hole in the plastic bumber-really easy. Then I used the screw mounts to hold the screws in. Probably took me twenty minutes.

Do any of ya'll classic owners have armrests? Could you give me the part number and cost?
Peter Kwiatek (

I just installed my armrest last weekend- took a whole 2 minutes. I picked mine up for about $50 from B&B (I think)- all three usual dealers in the back of Car and Driver were within $4 of each other. It's well worth the 50 bucks for that "gansta lean" or just comfort. The armrest is padded and made of vinyl material like the back of your seat. Cloth matching the side door panels would have been much nicer.

Robert Szczepanski (

I didn't care for the interior lacking an armrest so what I bought was a center console for a 91-93 NX-2000. This thing is great. It takes 2 bolts to go in and has a flip up lid so you can put your wallet in there alnog with keys and whatever else. It comes in two colors: grey and black. You HAVE to get black as the grey is WAY to light. When you get it, the color looks a little off (you can BARELY tell) just put some Armor-All on it and that's it! The price is only $74 from Cambridge Nissan in MA or call Brown & Brown if they are closer to you. Here is the part number # 96910-65Y63 IN BLACK.

Armrests for the SE-R...
Cason Grover (

<< I've been through the SE-R FAQ and saw that there was an armrest for the NX and it has part number # 96910-65Y63 black... I called up Cambridge Nissan Yesterday and they gave me a part number of 999M1BB000CH for the Sentra which comes in charcoal and grey... now i was just wondering... could the NX and the SE-R interchange their armrests? and what is the difference in appeaance between the two... I mean does one also have a storage bin while the other doesnt...>> This thread started when someone mentioned the Sentra armrest. Apparently, this thing looks too much like a bicycle seat and has no storage. Someone else chimed in that they had purchased an NX console (the whole thing) and put it in their Classic. The NX console has a storage bin/armrest, unlike the rather lacking console in our classics. If you just want the rest, get the cheaper Sentra armrest, if you want storage, get the NX console, I talked to Brown&Brown the other day, it's $98. I think I'm gonna order it in the next few weeks, after I get my windows tinted this weekend and my wife gets past that......

Note: the NX console will fit all 91-92 Sentra SE-Rs and only 93-94 Sentra SE-Rs that are not equipped with airbags.

SE-R armrest...

About the SE-R armrest. I got mine today and did a preliminary installation. With shipping I paid $87 for the armrest. The part number is 999M1-BB000CH.

I was told that Nissan is not making this part anymore and it is no longer instock at the dealer's supplier, so check your local Nissan dealers if they have them in stock. B&B was very helpful, but were not able to get an armrest for me. If you can't get one in your area you can email me and I will send you the name of the place I got mine.

What you get is a padded armrest with mounting brackets (no compartments, sorry..I wish they had them). The brackets go into the opening where the ashtray is located on the center console. After installing the armrest you will not be able to use the ashtray. The armrest comes with a covering plate for the ashtray. You screw the back of the armrest down with supplied screws throught the holes that are by the ashtray; you will also need to drill two holes into the console above the parking brake (I have not done this yet. I want to try it out without drilling first) to screw down the armrest. From the back seat the armrest does not seem that sturdy, i.e. if you need to brace yourself getting in or out of the back seat. I'll try it out on my commute in the morning.

I heard that several list members installed the center console of a NX. That part number is 96910-69Y09. The console runs about $70 or so. This console has a compartment, but I heard that the console is not screwed down due to its width. Also, I heard that clicking in the seatbelt can be tricky due to less space. There is also an armrest pad available for this unit. That part number is 999M1-HB000CH. With the pad you have to take the console lid off and drill two holes through the lid which then screw into the pad. The pad costs about $30 or so.

How does the arm rest install on the 200sx? Is it worth it?
Searl Tate (

There really isn't any real "install". Just drops right into the center console section- that's it! :) Yeah, it's worth it. I ordered mine from B&B Nissan for about $45.00 to my door.

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