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What should I use to clean my K&N Filter? I have removed the filter and use an air compressor to blow the dust out of it. (I was just guessing with this method.) How often and how much oil? What color should the filter be after adding the oil?

Randy Sasai cl(

K&N makes a spray that you can spray onto the filter and then rinse it off in a sink and let it dry, and oil it before sticking it back in the car. K&N also makes an oil spray that you are supposed to spray on the filter before sticking it back in the car. I have never heard of anyone using any other kind of oil on the filters. Both of these sprays are available from Stillen, as well as most any performance shop. Trak Auto might even sell it.

Rob Microys cl(

I seem to remember that K&N recommends against using compressed air or anything else that could make a hole in the cotton. They reommend to use normal pressure (a flowing tap is about all) water tap. No hoses with attachments for pressured streams or anything like that. Just water and the filter cleaner/filter oil combination. The red K&N oil should colour the filter to a deep red once it has been oiled properly.

What is a POP? You guys keep mentioning it but I haven't seen a post that really explains what it is.

Merlin Johnson (

P.O.P. is a trademark name from Jim Wolf Technology, it means Performance Optimized Products. It is not the same as Stillen's Hi-Flow intake, but the design between the two are the same. Stillen copied JWT's POP Charger.

What is the extra wire that is screwed on to the air box on the side closest to the nose [on a 200SX]. When I put in the POP their is no place to put this, is it still okay? It looks like it leads to the MAF.

Mike Mager (

That wire is a temperature sensor. Once you've installed the POP, you will have to place that sensor in the vicinity of the POP, and you should have no problems. However, if you unplug the sensor, your Check Engine light will come on, courtesy of ODB II. Hope this helps.

Just a question for current owners of the JWT POP charger. Does it increse the noise level in the vehicle?

Jason Garrett Young (

Yes, but it is a lovely noise, and you only hear it when you stand on the gas above 3.3k.

Does anyone know if the SE-R and the G-20 use the same air filter?

Wayne Cox (

I've got a full K&N catalog, and it lists a 1995 (the latest G20 listing it's got) G20 replacement as a 33-2031-1. That's the same as the SE-R/NX, and lots of other Nissans in the last several years.

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