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In general...

Merlin Johnson cl(

Don't mess with alternative ignition systems. I have heard from several sources (including JW) that the stock ignition system is VERY good and more than able to handle aftermarket mods. Jacobs has a system, but I dont trust it and they want around $400. MSD has a brain box for the spark plugs (multiple firing), but it is all do it yourself (you have to cut and solder) and I dont think you will see an improvement, they want about $50 to $70 for the box and it requires some sort of adapter. If anyone tries one of these systems let me know.


Cary Lingg (

I tried a Jacobs ignition kit on my car and was very disappointed. Installation was not that easy, the kit required using no platinum plugs (Jacobs recommendations was Autolite or Champion, yuucckk!) There was no improvement in performance and in fact the output spark from the Ultra Coil created an annoying tick as it fired. Definitely not worth the money or effort, but they were very accomodating in accepting the kit back for a full refund.

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