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Has anyone changed their own clutch? Do you have any tips on who do to it and what to look for?

Ronald S. Chong (

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My clutch pedal no longer feels smooth. As I push it kinda grinds a bit. What can I do to fix this?

Robert Ar (

Mine did that too. It also had the unlubricatable squeek. $14 and a trip to the dealer yielded a new clutch cable, and an end to my problems.

What exactly does a Centerforce clutch do to a 5 speed? How does it improve the existing 5 speed? How easy is it to install one?

Randy Sasai (

The Centerforce clutch has much better gripping power than the stock clutch. This clutch is not really need for a car that is 100% stock, but when you start adding performance mods, and increasing the HP, and the road handling, you need a stronger clutch that won't slip and burn out. The Centerforce clutch is ideal for street use. As far as how hard it is to put in, it is the same as any other clutch, a BIG pain in the ass. Have a shop do it.

What the difference between the Centerforce clutch and the JWT clutch? What parts are needed with the JWT and what's the cost?

Merlin Johnson (

The Centerforce clutch breaks or wears out quickly, it also has a stock pressure plate. The JWT clutch holds better (heavier pressure plate), will last longer (OE disk), stands up to abuse better and is cheaper.

Brian John (

I have the JWT setup. The JWT component is just a pressure plate. The remaining parts are just OEM. Here are the prices I paid for the neccessary parts to install the clutch:

PartPart #List
clutch disk30100-53J14$74.92
throw-out bearing30502-53J01$30.83
bearing clips30506-M8002$3.56
axle seals
(drivers side axle)
axle seals
(passenger side axle)

JWT pressure plate was $199.20 with shipping. Bringing the total parts to $284.02. I also spent $20 on resurfacing the flywheel, which is a very good thing to do when replacing the clutch!

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