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About the Nismo exhaust cam...

Justin Choi (

I...spoke to the guy who [had] the Nismo exhaust Cam. He said that the cam was the best investment he ever made into his car. He was running a best of 15.8 before the cam and then 15.2 after the cam. His idle is just fine, but his car does die occasionally when idling. I'm thinking that the JWT computer could fix the problem. But if the cam does make that much of a difference... hell it's worth the $150 or however much it costs.

Merlin Johnson (

The Nismo exhaust cam works quite well in our engine with a stock head. I have seen a few cars with that cam, and either they make them idle at 1500-2500rpm to run right, or they lope at lower rpms. The cam is from the SR20DET and was made for mechanical lifters. When installed in a hydralic head, I believe you end up with too much duration.

Searl Tate (

The NISMO exhaust cam comes from a domestic market SR20 with mechanical lifters- not hydraulic. The exhaust cam is a big mistake. If you want real performance, go with the JWT cams.

Trisha B Reed (

Stillen stopped selling the NISMO exhaust cam after they put it on the dyno, go w/ JWTs street cams, much more power.

About the JWT exhaust cam...

Merlin Johnson (

JWT has an exhaust cam with almost the same measurements as the DET cam, but is ground properly for hydralic lifters. It helps quite a bit actually. The stock SR20DE head is very picky when it comes to cams, you can get away with more on the exhaust, but not on the intake, at least on the high port head, not too sure yet on the low port.

The JWT exhaust cam works with the stock or JWT ECU and you should be able to pass a sniffer test with it, but it is not CARB exempt. The NM cam wont pass smog from what I have heard, but JWT could make you a program to tame the idle a bit.

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