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Anyone have an aftermarket antenna?

Jui-Lin Hung (

I have a Fuba Betaflex. The install process is not that hard.

  • On the inside, you need to pop the tabs holding up the roof fabric inside your car. Make sure you pull the fabric off before you drill, or you'll have a hole in the fabric.
  • Drill a hole to fit the bolt through.
  • You can now put the nut on that holds the antenna base on the car. Some cars have a bracket back there, so check for room to put the nut on before you do it.
  • Now all you need to do is run the antenna wire (I did mine through the fabric material, since it was already pulled off somewhat).
  • Then I pulled out the right pillar, ran the wires down that, behind the glove, to the radio. What you need to do is attach a power line to the extra wire; a line that gives power when the radio turns on is good.
  • Now push the tabs to hold the roof material back on, and you're set.

Reception is better than the stock antenna too, cuz the antenna is powered.

How do I removed the stock antenna?

Rob Microys (

I have a 200sx. (You can see what the car looks like on my page.) To get the antenna off, take out the fender liner; it's not that hard. There was one nut holding it on from the underside, and the other piece holding it on it the collar on the antenna base. mine required some sort of three pronged spanner. I made do with a boxed end wrench and a small Robertson screwdriver. By the way, this is a square head screwdriver. They are awsome screws to use, picture this: you can put the screw on to the screwdriver and then hold the screw driver parallel to the ground and the screw won't fall off the screwdriver and I'm talking about a non-magnetic screwdriver too. Anyway, I managed to get the collar off. The hole is about 1"x0.5" or so and oval shaped.

The size of the hole and the technique used may differ for a classic SE-R or NX. I did look at my mother in law's Sentra '92 or '93 GXE and her antenna is a bit different. The collar that holds the antenna down doesn't have three holes in it. It has sort of a 'slot' in the middle. So one would have to find a different way to take the collar off. Either a screwdriver might be able to do it, or maybe even a pair of needle nose pliers... dunno...

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