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What is the difference between NX1600 vs. NX2000?
Zak Nilsson (

For starters: NX2000; 2.0 liter engine, 140HP. NX1600; 1.6 liter engine, 110 HP (I think). That is the main difference. The NX2000 also has bigger rims and tires and a beefier suspension, I believe. All standard. Let's put it this way - The 2000 would give your Maxima a decent race, while the 1600 would be left far, far behind in the first 2 seconds. That's all I have to offer, I believe.

About NX2000 brakes...
Lawrence Weeks (

I ordered new rotors and pads for my NX2000 (VIN JN1GB36...005290), and hadn't gotten the parts. I called Brake Warehouse and it turns out they forgot to call me back. They cannot find my rotors anywhere. They say that the Japanese built NX2k have different, larger rotors, and are rather rare.

I called around, and it turns out that I, like all Japanese built NX2k, appear to already have the larger Nismo style brake package. The U.S. rotors are 250x18mm, and the Japanese rotors are 257x26mm, and the calipers/pads are accordingly larger. So, I presume that I also have the six inch rims. This is cool, as it saves me the money I was planning on spending to upgrade the brakes. However, it seems to make finding rotors more difficult. Brown & Brown wants $61.27 per rotor, which is not terribly more than the $48.00 Brake Warehouse wants.

Has anyone ever transplanted a SR20DE in place of a GA16DE?
John Almazan (

Well everybody, the transplant is complete and we have a heartbeat -- I've put an SR20DE and tranny into my Sentra E! I still have some tuning to do. I drove it around town today keeping my ear out for some weird noises. It seems to be fine for now (at least at its current state). The problem I have right now is a slight misfire on my #1 cylinder. I changed my plugs, wires, cap and rotor and its still there. Any suggestions? Anyway, just wanted to inform you guys that it's in.

I have test driven the G20, and I am seriously considering the G20t as my next vehicle. Can anyone offer performance comparisons between the 200SX SE-R and G20/t?
Frederick Braam (

IMO, the G20 is a great car. It was a little bit better than the old SE-R, but it is a lot better than the 200SX Se-r. The G20 has a more sophisticated suspension (not the stupid multi-link beam) than the 200sx. Also, the G20 is quieter and better looking. Plus, it is more luxurious. It is slightly heavier than the 200sx, but not by too much. Performance is impressive, and haandling is excellent. I currently own a Sentra SE-R and would love to move up to a G20. Great car!

Since the SR20DE is an aluminium block, some friends and myself have been debating as to what Nissan has done with the bores. Are they sleeved or are they anodized or some other such treatment to make them hard wearing?
Wayne Cox (

It's an aluminum block with steel sleves, probably cast in place. With the head off, the sleeve looks to be 0.050 - 0.060 thick. Thus the limited max over-bore of 0.020.

What does SR20DE stand for?
Brian Thomason (

THe SR is the engine family/generation (i.e. GA on other Sentra's, CA on older Stanza's, KA on newer Stanza's, Altima's, and 240's. VG on old Maxima's, V6 trucks, and Pathfinders). The 20 refers to engine dispalcement (i.e SR20 - 2.0, KA24 - 2.4, GA16 - 1.6). The DE refers to DOHC and EFI.

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