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DPR Dyno Day 1999

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The poster is 8.5x11", so you can download it and print it out for a nice looking flyer to slap on unsuspecting windshields. ;)

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Dan Paramore Racing (DPR) is pleased to announce the first ever / Sentra On-Line dyno day on Saturday, March 13, 1999.

Owners of SR20DE (SE-R, G20, NX2000) and GA16 (Sentra) -powered vehicles are encouraged to attend the event at DPR's Torrance, CA facilities, where dyno runs will be scheduled throughout the day, running until well after dark.

Check in begins at 8:00 am for those owners doing dyno tests. DPR will provide free donuts and coffee for breakfast and pizza and soda for lunch. A donation of $15 is being asked by DPR and that includes the food and as many dyno runs as time permits.

DPR representatives will be on hand to give tours of the facilities including the full machine shop and assembly clean room. Door prizes will be handed out from DPR's various sponsors including Redline Oil, Mother's Wax and products, Microlong, and 76 Racing Fuels.

The day will be run on a first come first served basis. If there is a very high turnout not everyone will be able to get a run on the dyno. DPR will not be responsible for scheduling the runs. organizers will determine who gets to run and in what order.

This event is all about having a good time and to see how much real power your car can make on DPR's Dynojet chassis dyno.


  • If you plan on coming, you have to confirm your presence with Emond Ling.
  • A release of liability form will have to be signed by each participant.